Every Dekal portable load bank being purchased or rented comes out of our production line in a high quality aluminum transport casing; being constructed fully by our own manufacturing capability. Load banks themselves are all implemented with top mounted handle in order to be taken out of the casing and positioned in the place where testing procedure will be carried out.

However each of mobile carrying cases is equipped with specially designed driving-wheel solution for comfortable movement around and to the test area. That being said, it is suitable for workshop or airside operation proving our user friendly policy. It is also equipped with build in pull up handle no matter the model (ALB or DLB) or technical specification (Analogue, Digital or WiFi), to enable longer distance transportation for operational use.


We can assure you that by choosing Dekal Load Banks LLC you will be provided not only with state of the art equipment, but also with outstanding support provided by our experts.

Development department is up to any challenge you may desire, providing you with the solution unable to find anywhere else. That being said, you end up with complete service from early stage of your scheme, to actual manufacturing and test process before final delivery to an end destination anywhere in the world.

But we do not stop here, since our customer support department makes sure to deliver credible solutions in order to help our clients within shortest possible response time. Global market environment makes it even easier to be present in your proximity with the help of our partners network. That being said, direct contact with Dekal Load Banks is still an option you are always provided with.

We are very excited being able to offer our innovative and cost-effective products to the global market, making a decisive difference when you consider your specific needs. You can rest assured that, working with Dekal Load Banks you will enjoy the latest services, technology and development in the industry of advanced ground support equipment. We have delivered some of the brake through products and will continue to do so in the future. Let’s share this future together


Logistics department is crucial for our products to be delivered on time, any place you might desire. We have delivered our portable load banks to all continents and there is no reason why your case would not be the same. Our scale and expertise, combined with our past experience across all industry sectors, means we have developed successful supply chain solutions for customers of all sizes; including many of the world's leading brands and corporations. Whatever your requirement is in terms of size and fast reaction time, there's a good chance we’ve already delivered and developed a range of innovative solutions to meet your expectations. Contact us and find out how fast may we deliver our portable load banks to your front door.

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