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Starting with September 2022, Dekal Load Banks has been approved and is now fully certified to perform service for complete range of Cannon Load Banks Inc. – well known and respected US manufacturer based in Palmetto, GA. Our service is available to all Cannon unit operators which are located geographically closer to our manufacturing facility in Europe, due to easier support of Cannon end users outside United States. This solution will provide all current and future users of US brand to reduce emissions during logistics and avoid expensive transport costs, including customs paperwork formalities. Agreement was duly confirmed by both sides, which in deed demonstrates synergy and new aspect of competition with respectful relations among two main manufacturers of portable load banks worldwide. How does it work? … user friendly solutions are heading for all our projects; this one included. After you have established initial contact with us through email correspondence, you have already provided us with appropriate serial number for your Cannon unit and our logistics confirmed delivery address information and contact person on our end. You may now send it by using your corporate account (DHL, TNT-FedEx, GLS, etc.). Once we receive the unit and diagnose possible malfunction, we will contact you with details by issuing proper quotation for spare parts with servicing. After you will confirm back to us how would you like to proceed we will immediately start with repair processing Once completed, we will advise the shipment is ready for dispatch and you will pick up the repaired and overhauled Cannon load bank. In case you do not have an option for courier services we are able and willing to provide you with best option for your destination, including with packing instruction and advisement. Let us know more details about Cannon load bank which needs to be serviced at info@gse-global.com.

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